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From 2014-2020, RCC capacity in our state declined 32%. Placement data shows that the number of children placed out-of-state grew from 44 in 2016 to 119 in 2020. By the end of 2020, a total of 250 children from 46 different counties had experienced an out-of-state placement. The pandemic has exacerbated the placement crisis and it is now having a destabilizing effect on our workforce.

In response, WAFCA will pilot Resource Connection Sessions beginning April 2022.

The vision is to create a process… 
FOR children with complex needs at-risk of out-of-state placement, 
THAT provides a universal format for sharing child information 
AND engages system consultant expertise and representation from the continuum of care in Wisconsin 
TO locate in-state treatment and services.

For more detailed information, see the Resource Connection Pilot Description & Procedure

Pilot start date: April 1, 2022 / Pilot end date: September 30, 2022 

When Will Sessions Occur? Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday mornings from 8am-8:45am via Zoom

Who Can Request a Session? County, Tribe, or Private Child Placing Agencies

What Children Qualify for a Session? Those at-risk of out-of-state placement (the agency’s standard referral process should be followed for all other children)

Who Should Participate? To be successful, we will need to draw on the full continuum of providers and have a team from the placing agency.

  • We need providers who: provide in home services, provide behavioral health services for children, license treatment foster homes, operate group homes and/or residential care centers, provide supportive services, such as mentoring or respite, provide autism services.
  • We need multiple members from the placing agency, such as: the child’s primary caseworker, a supervisor/manager, the county CCS worker/supervisor, and/or the foster care coordinator.

Can a Child and/or Parent Participate? Yes! Whenever possible it is encouraged.

How Can I Sign Up to Be Part of the Solution? (Providers) 1) Identify who from your agency will participate. 2) Have all participants review and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 3) Email the names, email address and signed MOUs to [email protected].

How Can I Request a Connection Session? (Placing Agencies) 1) Identify who from your agency will participate and complete the brief request form (to ensure confidentiality, please do not provide child or parent names on this form). 2) Have all participants review and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 3) Email the signed MOUs to [email protected].


Resource Connection Description & Procedure / Memorandum of UnderstandingPresentation Outline

Connection Session Schedule / Flyer - Provider Agencies / Flyer - Placing Agencies

Have additional questions? Reach out to Emily Coddington, WAFCA Associate Director.

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