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WAFCA is no longer accepting requests for sessions. See below for details regarding the pilot, outcomes (including the reason for pilot discontinuation), and resources.

From 2014-2020, RCC capacity in our state declined 32%. Placement data shows that the number of children placed out-of-state grew from 44 in 2016 to 119 in 2020. By the end of 2020, a total of 250 children from 46 different counties had experienced an out-of-state placement. The pandemic has exacerbated the placement crisis and is having a destabilizing effect on our workforce, and in turn our capacity to serve children throughout the state. In response, WAFCA piloted Resource Connection Sessions from April through September 2022.

The vision was to create a process… 
FOR children with complex needs at-risk of out-of-state placement, 
THAT provided a universal format for sharing child information 
AND engaged system consultant expertise and representation from the continuum of care in Wisconsin 
TO locate in-state treatment and services.

For more detailed information on the pilot, see the Resource Connection Pilot Description & Procedure


WAFCA served 49 children during the 6-month pilot.

78 individuals from 35 agencies signed up to participate as a provider.

236 individuals from 32 counties participated; some counties received multiple sessions.

40 sessions resulted in service options being identified for the child.

Only 5 children actually received a service as a result of the session. This was the reason for discontinuing the pilot.

(NOTE: Results are unknown for 26 children who received a session.)


The resources below were created for the pilot and are available for use by anyone wishing to create a similar process in their community. 

Resource Connection Description & Procedure / Memorandum of Understanding

Presentation Outline / Connection Session Schedule

Have additional questions? Reach out to Emily Coddington, WAFCA Associate Director.

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