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to Urge Rejection of Current Tax Reform Proposals


Efforts to overhaul to the federal tax code are moving at lightning speed through Congress. The Senate floor vote is expected to occur TODAY. As currently written, this bill sets up a perfect storm for health and human services nonprofits and their ability to support strong families and communities (See details from Alliance for Strong Families and Communities in the Chronicle of Social Change)

Sustained engagement is key as senators listen to constituents before they make their final decision. 



  • Deep program cuts. The tax cuts that Congress is prepared to make to pay for this bill will harm children, families, communities, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Increased tax burden on low and middle income workers. The proposals increase the tax burden for low- and middle-income workers who are committed to providing their families with the necessary building blocks for health and wellbeing, including education, health care, housing, and quality care for children and seniors.
  • Reduced charitable giving. One way the tax bill will cripple the nation's infrastructure for supporting working families is related to the charitable deduction. By doubling the Standard Deduction the bill reduces the pool of taxpayers who are able to take advantage of the charitable tax deduction. That will mean a loss to charitable giving estimated at $13.1 billion annually.
  • Please consider myself and my organization a resource for developing a comprehensive approach to helping all residents of Wisconsin achieve their full potential and maintain the necessary strength of the health and human services sector as an essential contributor to a vibrant and growing economy.


  1. Look up your US Rep here: 
  2. Click on the email "envelope" next to their photo
  3. Enter your information in the contact form and paste in the text above.
  4. Share the message with Senator Baldwin and Senator Johnson.

Questions? Contact Kathy Markeland at [email protected], 608.257.5939

 * From Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

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