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Contact Congress to Urge Reauthorization of Children's Health Insurance Program

Through BadgerCare, the federal CHIP program covers more than 117,000 children in Wisconsin (Kids Forward infographic). Reauthorization is two months overdue and while there is consensus to reauthorize, Congress has not yet agreed on the funding leaving the program in limbo. While Wisconsin has secure funding through March, the delay is causing notices of potential cancellation of coverage in other states. Urge Congress to finalize CHIP reauthorization and secure critical health coverage for children.


In Wisconsin, CHIP works with BadgerCare to provide health care to 117,000 kids whose parents made too much to qualify for traditional BadgerCare, but not enough to afford private insurance. 

CHIP provides primary care services, mental health and substance use treatment, x-rays and lab diagnostics, hospital services, and dental. Kids are also eligible for HealthCheck, which ensures that they get appropriate health and developmental screenings, as well as treatment for any issues found.

Congress needs to set aside its differences and work together to come to an agreement on securing a strong future for children’s health and access to care.


1) Look up your US Rep here: 

2) Click on the email "envelope" next to their photo

3) Enter your information in the contact form and paste in the text above.

4) Share the message with Senator Baldwin and Senator Johnson.

Questions? Kathy Markeland, [email protected], 608.257.5939

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