WAFCA Bills of Interest: 2023-2024 Legislative Session  

Updated 5-26-23

Bill Number (Assembly)


Companion Bill (Senate) 

2023 Assembly Bill 13 Relating to: access to an original impounded birth record. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 15 
2023 Assembly Bill 17 Relating to: expanding the treatment alternatives and diversion programs. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 11 
2023 Assembly Bill 24 Relating to: posting the child abuse and neglect reporting hotline in school buildings. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 23
2023 Assembly Bill 32 Relating to: creating an individual income tax deduction for certain income earned by an individual from the practice of psychiatry or from providing psychiatric or mental health services. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 31 
2023 Assembly Bill 43 Relating to: state finances and appropriations, constituting the executive budget act of the 2023 legislature. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 70 
2023 Assembly Bill 48 Relating to: prosecuting or adjudicating delinquent a person under the age of 18 for committing an act of prostitution. 2023 Senate Bill 55
2023 Assembly Bill 53 Relating to: reporting certain crimes and other incidents that occur on school property or school transportation and granting rule-making authority. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 82
2023 Assembly Bill 69 Relating to: reporting to law enforcement certain crimes and other incidents that occur in or on public school buildings and grounds, requiring certain schools to employ armed school resource officers, and allocating federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 funding to reimburse schools for costs of employing armed school resource officers. (FE)  
2023 Assembly Bill 83 Relating to: providing permanency plan and comments to out-of-home care providers in advance of a permanency plan review or hearing. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 81 
2023 Assembly Bill 104 Relating to: expanding the Court-Appointed Special Advocate program and making an appropriation. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 128 
2023 Assembly Bill 107 Relating to: a disclaimer of parental rights and payments allowed in connection with an adoption. 2023 Senate Bill 80
2023 Assembly Bill 114 Relating to: extension of eligibility under the Medical Assistance program for postpartum women. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 110
2023 Assembly Bill 144 Relating to: preliminary health care credentials granted to previously unlicensed individuals. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 158
2023 Assembly Bill 205 Relating to: practice of certain professions by credential holders from other states. 2023 Senate Bill 194
2023 Assembly Bill 234 Relating to: a school psychologist loan program, and making an appropriation. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 241
2023 Assembly Bill 236 Relating to: reimbursement of behavioral health services in school-based settings under the Medical Assistance program. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 242 
2023 Assembly Bill 271 Relating to: a grant program for recovery high schools and making an appropriation. (FE)  2023 Senate Bill 267
2023 Assembly Bill 281 Relating to: mental health consultation program and making an appropriation. (FE) 2023 Senate Bill 277

NOTES: (FE) means that the bill has a fiscal impact so a “Fiscal Estimate” will be prepared for the record.

A bill has a “companion” when the exact same bill is introduced in both houses of the legislature. Both may move simultaneously instead of awaiting the action of one house of the legislature to act before taking the issue up in the other house.