Because We Are Better Together

Member Agencies and Affiliates make up the WAFCA community - a dedicated group of individuals, non-profit, and for profit businesses working together to help Wisconsinites live their best lives.

WAFCA members are critical community connectors, advocates, and contributors to our human services system. We work with parents to support the formation of lasting bonds with their babies; share strategies and pathways for healing as families recover from trauma; empower youth discover purpose and hope; and use the power of relationship and connection to help every individual we serve realize their full human potential.

Our provider sector most often connects with people once they are experiencing some difficulty or risk. Through decades of research on our interventions and the growing body of knowledge about brain development and the capacity for human resilience, we know now more than ever the potential contributions our sector and services can make to grow thriving communities. Increasingly we are bringing our knowledge and skill to advance universal public health and well-being.