The Wisconsin Association of Family & Children's Agencies is the united voice of leaders in the behavioral health and human services sector serving more than 200,000 individuals and families throughout Wisconsin.

We promote public policy, best practice, and partnerships that support our member agencies in pursuing their mission to improve the lives of children and families. 

Policy & Advocacy Priorities

WAFCA  works on key policy priorities in family supports, child welfare, mental health treatment access, and workforce initiatives in Wisconsin. By drawing on family stories and provider experience, we educate policymakers and our communities about the work our members do to enhance the quality of mental health and family services statewide.

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The Benefits of WAFCA Membership

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – this is certainly true for WAFCA and our members.

  • WAFCA advocates for policies that benefit our members and the people they serve.
  • We connect leaders in the field to form a united community.
  • We promote best practices and track trends in child and family services.

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Develop Your Workforce

We partner with our members, consumers, and affiliates in business and academia to translate research into practice through our training sessions. Together, we foster the development of effective, responsive services for Wisconsin’s children and families through continued education and conversations.

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May is Mental Health Month

Now is the time to share stories that breathe life into policy and funding priorities that improve access to treatment services. Find everything you need for budget advocacy on WAFCA's State Policy page. Use these tools along with your stories to raise your voice and make a difference.

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