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Press Releases & Testimony

Our united voice and strong relationships with legislators, policy makers, and key stakeholder partners at the state and federal levels amplify our members' voices and advocate for effective change. 

Below, you’ll find recent press releases we’ve released and testimony we and our member agencies have shared to shape state policy and create more responsive services and public support for children and families in Wisconsin.









    • Testimony
    • Support or AB 423, which aimed to ensure increased accuracy of  information published about those serving children in out-of-home care (OHC) and incidents of sexual abuse of a child, allowing for a better understanding of the prevalence of issues in OHC facilities (so they may be addressed) and the quality protection and care provided in our systems.
    • Memo
    • Support for key Initiatives in Governor Tony Evers’ proposed budget with the potential to lift up families and strengthen the human services ecosystem across the state’s private and public sector.
    • Testimony
    • Support for SB 161, which would allow the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to certify a congregate care setting, such as a shelter care facility, group home, or residential care center for children and youth (RCCs), as a Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP)—providing a more robust continuum for Wisconsin youth needing placement and a way for Wisconsin to continue claiming Title IV-E federal match on some of the costs associated with out-of-home care placement.



  • Certification of Qualified Residential Treatment Programs—AB 643 (December 18, 2019)
    • Testimony 
    • Support of AB 643, which would permit the Department of Children and Families to create a certification fora Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP) in current congregate care settings such as a shelter care facility, group home, or residential care center for children and youth.

  • Wisconsin Enacts New Law to Support Homeless Youth‚—AB 52 (November 20, 2019)
    • Press Release
    • Details regarding Governor Tony Evers’ signing of AB 52—which allows 17-year-olds who are unaccompanied and homeless to contract for admission to a shelter facility or transitional living program—and how the bill forwards the work of WAFCA members.